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CITEAIR II Final Conference, 24 June Rome

The CITEAIR II final conference was held on 24 June in Rome.

Cities and regions all across the world are facing exposure to high levels of air pollution and the emerging impacts of climate change. Designing, implementing and monitoring mitigation measures, and informing the public about air quality issues are tremendous challenges for policy makers and authorities.

The CITEAIR II project has developed tools to support the monitoring and management of air quality in cities, and offers solutions to inform citizens on air quality. The project is now drawing to an end, and we would like to invite you to the CITEAIR II final conference to share our knowledge, experience and tools with you to help improve European air quality.

The presentations an participants list for the conference are available to download below. Read the press release about the event here.

Final programme.

Participants list.

1. EU Air Quality Policy Overview - Emile De Saeger, European Commission, DG Env

2. Interreg IVC Programme - Silke Brocks, INTERREG IVC Programme

3. CITEAIR II now and in the fututre - Karine Léger, Airparif

4. Health affects of air pollution - Pierpaolo Mudu, WHO

5. From Science to Decision: Communication, uncertainties and Other Obstacles to Air Quality Management - Prof Yorghos Remvikos, University de Versailles

6. Urban Sustainable Mobility Policies in Italy - Giovanna Rossi, Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea

7. Informing the public on air quality: www.airqualitynow.eu - Arthur de Pas, Airparif

8. The CITEAIR Common Air Quality Index (CAQI), including PM2.5 - Sef Van den Elshout, DCMR

9. The CITEAIR II Air Quality Forecast – Concept and application for Cities forecast - Anthony Ung, INERIS

10. Application of the CITEAIR II urban air quality forecast in Marseille, France - Jonathan Virga, Atmo PACA, Marseille

11. Use and interest of CITEAIR for GMES-services: The ObsAIRve project -  Matthias Baron, GAF AG

12. The Sustainable Mobility Indicator - Marco Cianfano, Roma Servizi per la mobilitŕ

13. The importance and use of mobility benchmarking - Michael Aherne, National Transport Authority Ireland

14. Air pollutants and carbon dioxide brought together in an Integrated Emission Inventory: methodological and practical issues - Bart Wester, DCMR

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