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Common Operational Website (COW)

Both indices are practically implemented on a Common Operational Webpage (COW). This interactive web service is accessible under www.airqualitynow.eu and provides an attractive platform to compare near-real time air quality in different cities in an easy understandable way. The website does not aim to replace local websites but to complement them in providing a common place and a common way of presenting air quality in an easy understandable and comparable way.

By the end of the project in 2007 25 Cities and Regions linked their real-time environmental data to this COW. Through this approach environmental data will be easily comparable across different sites in Europe. This service will be further developed in the course of the CITEAIR II project. 59 cities are delivering their air quality data to www.airqualitynow.eu since spring 2009.

To join the COW just send a mail to join@airqualitynow.eu.

Please go to www.airqualitynow.eu and experience the COW.


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