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Air Quality Index CAQI and YAQACI

CITEAIR has developed the first Air Quality indices on the European level. An important feature of the indices is that they differentiate between traffic and city background conditions.

The Common Air Quality Index (CAQI) is designed to present and compare air quality in near-real time on an hourly or daily basis. The CAQI has 5 levels, using a scale from 0 (very low) to >100 (very high) and the matching colours range from light green to dark red.

The Year Average Common Air Quality Index (YACAQI) uses a different approach adopting the “difference to target” principle. If the index is higher than 1,0 it means that for one or more pollutants the limit values are not met. If the index is below 1 it means that on average the limit values are met.

A full description of the indices is in the report Comparing Urban Air Quality Across Borders (36-page, 440-Kbyte PDF).


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