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CITEAIR II Air Quality Conference and Networking Workshop - 3-4 June 2009 (Paris)

CITEAIR II Air Quality Conference took place on 3 June. The conference covered issues like the implementation of European air quality directives, current European initiatives on air quality, and the benefits of comparing air quality in European cities. Of course, the CITEAIR II project also presented its aims and working assumptions. The conference was targeted at experts and decision makers in the field of air quality and transport.

Two CITEAIR II Networking Workshop were organised the day after the conference (4 June) for professionals in emission inventories and mobility indicators. Concepts for integrating CO2 in emission inventories and options for mobility indicators were be presented and discussed in depth. Reports from these Networking Workshops will become available soon. 

Below you will find the documents related to theses two events: 


CITEAIR II Air quality conference (3 June 2009)

CITEAIR II Networking Workshops (4 June 2009) 

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