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Component 5: City comparison

Objectives and content

The main achievement of the previous CITEAIR project was in the area of air quality information. By means of the first European air quality indicator and its implementation on the web service www.airqualitynow.eu a step forward to make the air quality in European cities comparable. Component 5 builds on this by enhancing the comparison of European cities: the objectives are:

  • to further develop the web service www.airqualitynow.eu by adding new elements to make cities comparable
  • to intensify the involvement of media (press, TV) to make use of the near real-time information on urban air quality
  •  to identify an operational institutional body taking over www.airqualitynow.eu after the project lifetime to ensure its sustainable operation

During the previous CITEAIR project particular care was taken to develop comparable and easy understandable air quality information in European cities. This was done thanks to different tools. Common air quality indices (CAQI and YACAQI) have been developed to represent urban background and traffic conditions. This information has been made easy to access via to the web site www.airqualitynow.eu. Meanwhile 45 cities are participating on a voluntary basis. A pilot action to explore the possibilities to add an urban air quality forecast and to motivate media to publish air quality data from www.airqualitynow.eu were sufficiently encouraging to continue this part of the work. Cities apparently appreciated this common presentation and analysis tools The previous CITEAIR project lead to an active user community comprising more than 50 stakeholders who were cooperating in the field of air quality. CITEAIR II continues and expands this service providing an even more attractive platform for cities to get to know each others challenges and successes and exchange experiences. The new services concern the three good practices which are developed in Component 3 and Component 4. The increased attractiveness of the web service will motivate more cities and regions to join www.airqualitynow.eu and will work as a means to extent and facilitate cooperation even beyond the lifetime of CITEAIR II. It is also expected the media (TV, Press) will be more interested in using near real-time air quality information provided on www.airqualitynow.eu.

The work is broken down into three activities



  • Enhanced user community to exchange experiences on urban air quality management
  • Established partnerships with media to publish near real-time air quality information from www.airqualitynow.eu
  • Sustainable operation of www.airqualitynow.eu after the project lifetime




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