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Component 3: Exchange of experiences

Objectives and content

To meet the overall goal of CITEAIR II and to support the objectives of the INTERREG IVC Programme the intense exchange of experiences is the key to success. This component is devoted to facilitate this process. The main objectives of Component 3 are:

  •  to facilitate the exchange of experiences on the three good practices Mobility Indicator, Emission Inventories integrating greenhouse gases and Urban air quality forecast through a structured process of consultation and interaction
  • To develop a set of good practice guides describing the nature of the good practices as well as the experiences gained from their practical implementation

CITEAIR II builds on the experiences gained in the first CITEAIR project  and by taking up results from recent research and other European projects. It also deals with cross-site application of CITEAIR II joint development of good practices as they take place in the "Sister Compone".


Component 3 makes use of all these sources and will make an identified or developed good practice or methodology applicable and transferable. Exchange of experience with potential users and the application of the concepts by project cities and regions will demonstrate the validity of the good practices and entice other cities and regions to apply them as well. An example of the approach is www.airqualitynow.eu, developed in the previous CITEAIR project. It is now used by many cities from outside the project after its usefulness was demonstrated by project partners. We continue to build on this concept and on the website itself and make new common tools available. The exchange of experiences will be facilitated by extensive networking and will result in a set of good practice guides and methodologies. Special care is given to take into account different levels of skills, which reflects the reality of European local authorities.


As part of the networking process the project will set up the structures for discussion and exchange of experiences by the establishment of three Thematic Workgroups, each concentrating on one of the good practices and by organising two Networking Workshops to exchange experiences with a wider audience. Active participation for stakeholder is required.


The first Networking Workshop will take place on 4th June 2009 in Paris.

The work is broken down into two tasks.

  • C 3.1 Networking and exchange of experience
  • C 3.2 Good-practices and methodologies



  • Good practice guide on a Sustainable Traffic/Congestion indicator (TCI) and experiences
  • Good practice guide to prepare integrated emission inventories for pollutants and CO2 and experiences
  • Good practice guide on urban air quality forecast with three levels of complexity and experiences




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