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Component 2: Communication and dissemination

Objectives and content

As a true European project dissemination and communication plays an important role. The main objectives of Component 2 are:

  • to raise EU-wide awareness on air quality, transport and climate change
  • to increase the knowledge on the products of CITEAIR II

Component 2 is devoted to dissemination of project activities and products developed in the course of the project to potential users and to the public and raise awareness on topics related to urban transport, air quality and climate change. CITEAIR II produces tools and methods to assess and monitor a number of environmental issues. The wider these are applied the more credibility a method or concept gets and the more useful it becomes as the methods are aimed at making cities and regions more comparable. Consequently dissemination is a priority ensuring that a wide community of stakeholders will benefit from the experiences gained and will boost their relevance by their application. An overall dissemination strategy is defined at an early stage taking account of the needs of the different target groups. In addition to the project's own contact database the dissemination channels of the two networks Polis and REC (Make a link to the respective partner on this website) who are participating in the project will be used for dissemination. Part of dissemination will be also the involvement of the general media to cover events and/or take up communication products developed in the project. There is a close link to Component 5 where these tools are applied.

The work is broken down into four tasks.

  • C 2.1: Dissemination plan and channels
  • C 2.2: Dissemination website
  • C 2.3: Dissemination material
  • C 2.4: Dissemination events & publications



The following outputs will be developed:

  • Dissemination strategy
  • Project brochure
  • Dissemination webpage 
  • Kick-off conference on 3rd June 2009 in Paris (Would be nice to have a first announcement behind this)
  • Air Quality Conference in 2010
  • Final project workshop in 2011
  • 5 electronic newsletters
  • Publications, papers, press releases, posters




Communication agency: De Visu
Agence web Trynisis